adam_gilmer_ceo_8020365Adam understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur earning a six-figure income by age 22 from direct sales, advertising,  negotiating and selling  multi-million dollar contracts by age 25 and by age 29 was a self-made millionaire with a company generating more than $50 million dollars in revenue. Adam has built a multitude of different companies in software, nutrition and personal consumer goods. He has also been involved in the merger, acquisition and turnaround of several businesses…and he has also had some colossal duds, failures and setbacks, the price of tuition to the University of Hard Knocks. (From which Adam is a Graduate Student and has his *PHD *poor, hungry and determined)


Adam is a sought after strategist,  marketing and branding consultant and has products distributed and retailed through major retail and convenience stores like 7-Eleven and wholesale buying clubs like Costco. Adam is also an Executive Producer of a movie inspired by the bestselling book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

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