Adam invests his Time, Energy and Money into People and their ideas. Adam is founder and member of a MasterMind Group whose purpose is to contribute operationally and assist with management leadership and provide experienced expertise to accelerate the company and insure its success.

This MasterMind Group meets every few weeks to discuss and take action on new products, ideas and their market viability and penetration. Once a decision has been made, this MasterMind Group which is formulated and directed by successful executives and veteran entrepreneurs highly skilled in the building, branding, business development and distribution, take action, accelerate and help early stage companies  find the marketplace sweet spot and  place products into local, regional, national or international distribution.

Adam and his Venture partners get involved and prove, it’s not only what you know, but who you know with the ability to execute and get it done, that makes the difference.

Have a great product or idea that needs expertise, funding management or distribution? Need bridge financing? Need resources or contact access? Contact Adam for details

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