Adam Vincent Gilmer has dedicated decades to the study and practice of Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 principle. He has applied this thinking to his own lifestyle as well as several successful companies to generate a cohesive network of efficiency that promotes better teamwork and ultimately higher profits and greater incomes. Ultimately the outcome, once observed, practiced and learned, is greater results in life and the never ending pursuit of balance & happiness.


He is currently authoring a book about the application of these practices to daily life and is launching a company dedicated to teaching others to do as well. 80:20:365 The Never Ending Pursuit of Balance & Happiness is due for publication and release in 12/12 2012.


8020365 was founded in 1999 and is simply the ways of comprehending and understanding where to focus attention and what your personal Habits (Habitudes) must become to make success a reality in one’s daily life .


8020365 is a consulting company who’s focus is training professionals, individuals, networks, partnerships, companies and corporations to adopt this productive mindset into their businesses and daily lives. Similar to the habit of booting up a personal computer or smart phone, these principles will be globally adapted and automatically function as the underlying operating system with in their business.


8020365 courses are conducted through seminars covering seven specific areas of focus. Beginning with a 3 Day workshop which includes four 90 Day, quarterly planners  and a 7 disk DVD set, explaining the laws, principles and applications of the8020365 Personal Operating System.

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